HeskeHeske van Doornen

Heske grew up in Amsterdam, went to school in India, and joined the Levy Institute as a graduate student. Writing, editing, and illustrating for The Minskys, she aims to make new economics ideas more accessible. This summer, she interns at the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) in New York. Explore her work at

Carlos Carlos Maciel

Carlos is a graduate of Denison University, and was a member of the first class of masters students at the Levy Institute. Along with The Minskys, he writes for the Binzagr Institute on topics such as sustainability, financial economics, and community development. Carlos is currently based in Columbus OH, and works as an analyst for JPMorgan.

Vitor-C-FlatVitor Mello

After acquiring his BA in International Relations and Economics at Facamp in Brazil, Vitor joined the first class of masters students at the Levy Institute. Vitor now works at the Center for Economic Policy Research in Washington D.C., where he continues to pursue his interests in economic development, international financial structure, and inequality. @VirtoMello


Lara Merling

Lara discovered the legacy of Hyman Minsky and the research of the Levy Institute during her studies at Bard College. Lara’s goal is to advocate for a pluralist approach to drafting economic policy. She currently lives in Washington D.C. and works on challenging the myths behind policies that perpetuate economic and social inequality at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. @LaraMerling

OscarOscar Valdes-Viera

Oscar is part of the second class of graduate students at the Levy Institute. He studied at the University of Havana before transferring to Bard College to obtain a BA in Economics. His research interests include MMT, macro-economics, and political economy. Oscar is an avid player of football, which he refuses to call soccer. @ovaldesviera

Brad-C-FlatBrad Voracek

Brad grew up in California and went to UC Berkeley to study Computer Science. After graduating and working in tech for a short while he came to the Levy Institute to study the economic system rather than computer systems. As a FIRST Vista member for AmeriCorps VISTA, Brad now helps disadvantaged students succeed in STEM fields. @bradvoracek




Kevin Cashman
Kevin Cashman lives in Washington, DC, and researches issues related to domestic and international policy at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Follow him on Twitter: @kevinmcashman.



Stephanie Attar
After completing a masters degree in political science, Stephanie joined the Levy Economics Institute. Her work incorporates Marxian dialectical materialism to analyze the interconnected nature of the state and the economy. She is also interested in the Arab world, global inequalities engendered by capitalism-imperialism, and radical solutions to advance the interests of humanity.


Athulya Gopi
Athulya is originally Indian, born and brought up in the United Arab Emirates. She joined the Levy Masters Program in 2016 after leading a successful career in credit insurance over the last 8 years. The choice to swap her role as the head of commercial underwriting with that of a full-time student came after being inspired to see how Economics works in the real world.


Mariamawit Fantahun
Mariamawit grew up in Ethiopia and is part of the first class of the Levy Economics MS program. After earning her dual degree in Economics and Business Administration, she worked in Ethiopia for two years. Interests include macroeconomics, global financial markets, MMT, international development and economic policy.  @FTadessem

DaniellaDaniella Medina 

Daniella is one of the graduate students at the Levy Institute. Her research [almost] always employs intersectionality as a framework and currently concerns wealth differences at specific social locations by race, gender, and age cohort. She’s a research intern at Demos, a proud writer of excessively lengthy sentences, fluent in sarcasm and general snark. @Daniellalmedina


Domenico Viola

Domenico is a current first-year student at the Levy Economics Institute. He hails from Italy, where he is an active member of the Italian Modern Money Theory network. His research focuses on post-Keynesian macro-economics, as well as the works of Hyman Minsky.

Illustrations: Heske van Doornen