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The First Debate – Illustrated

The First Debate – Illustrated

Just like 100 million of you, we were glued to the TV last night for the
first Presidential Debate. Here’s what we saw.

Trump thinks that refusing to pay federal
income tax is what makes him smart.

For him, hoping for a massive economic crisis like 2009 so you
can buy foreclosed real estate “is called business”.


We have to agree with Hillary, that Trump lives in his own reality…


 …in which this seems to be the appropriate response to almost anything:


…and it’s a bad thing to be prepared for a debate, or the presidency.


We’re proud of Hillary standing up against the orange tornado.
But who do we think was the winner? Probably Bernie.


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2 thoughts on “The First Debate – Illustrated”

  • Every business, and every person, takes the tax deductions they are entitled to by law, if they know enough to do it. This is not refusing to pay taxes, but standard practice and what one is supposed to do.

    I thought maybe I would be interested in reading this blog, but after the ignorance and bias I see in this post I’ll pass.

    BTW, I’ve been a socialist for many decades, and Bernie, while better than the other two, is certainly not, but fits right into the imperialist war mongering and capitalism of the ruling class.
    No one won the debate; everyone lost, especially the people and the world — and is fairly likely to go up in radioactive smoke if Clinton gets in and pursues her war against Russia, which will make economics a moot issue. But any of her coming wars will be bad for the economy, and has been all along. Trump will be terrible, but Clinton and her neocons and banksters much worse.

    Learn from people like Michael Hudson, Michael Parenti, Chris Hedges, Brian Becker and the other writers at Counterpunch — don’t get trapped in in the insanity of the ruling class.

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