There’s no shortage of ideas on how to create jobs, but ours is the only one without a detour. We suggest the government serve as an employer of last resort in times of crises. Jobs (not welfare) are what an economy needs in a downturn.

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Money Talks

Everyone knows money makes the world go ‘round, but how exactly can be confusing. We introduce you to Modern Money Theory, and show you what that means for policy-making.

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2. Germany Does Have Unfair Trade Advantages
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Booms and Busts

Capitalism and Crises go hand in hand. Just when you think the economy is doing great, danger could be around the corner. Building on Minsky’s work, we try to expose financial fragility as we see it.

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Debunking Austerity

Despite being hugely ineffective, austerity has been the go-to policy for economies in need. We reveal the flawed logic behind cost-cutting policies, and offer strong alternatives, like direct job-creation.

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The developing world poses unique economic challenges, and mainstream economic has often failed to tackle them. We explore alternative points of view as they apply to the global south.

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2. Using Minsky to Better Understand Economic Development – Part II
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Myths of Econ 101

If you’ve ever taken introductory economics, you know it feels like stepping into an alternate universe. The clean graphs seem to have little to do with reality. We discuss how economics 101 distorts our views of the world, and what we can do about it.

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The widening gap between the wealthy and the rest is one of the most pressing issues of our time. We show you where the disparities manifest and shed light on some frequently overlooked causes and consequences.

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2. Female employment rates are rising across the world, but not in the US.
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In the Spotlight

Every so often, we put an inspirational economist in the spotlight. We share their story and their work, and encourage you to keep an eye on them.

1. Stephanie Kelton
2. Pavlina Tcherneva
3. William “Sandy” Darity


If you’re looking to delve deeper into heterodox economics, consider the books below. They are some of our favorites, and we think you’d like them, too.

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1. Ending the Econocracy: The Need for Pluralism in Economics
2. The Shortage of Money: A Fallacious Problem
3. Doughnut Economics – Grab a pencil, draw a doughnut!


Minskys in the Field

We love to report on the goings-on in the world of (heterodox) economics. Know of an upcoming event that you’d like to see us to cover? Get in touch.